UK Energy Market & Customised Training

Customised and White Labelled Training

Energy is a huge topic and many don't have the funds or time to commit to 12 days training over a 24 month period (JEM Apprenticeship).

However it is possible to work with REM Ltd to create customised courses specifically for your staff or your customers.

Sections could cover;

  • Energy Management
  • How is Energy created
  • What is Carbon Dioxide and how does it create global warming
  • What can effect my energy costs
  • Reporting against targets, legislation and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Legal Compliance for my business
  • What makes my building work, what is using energy
  • Demand Side Response Products
  • The Integrated Energy Grid of the future
  • Electric Vehicle charging versus Hydrogen powered vehicles
  • Renewable Generation, how does it work, pro's and con's
  • Energy Saving Measures for home and work place

These are few of the topics that have been included in previous customised courses for customers.  

It is also possible to white label courses and add your own company content such as,

  • Your Energy Policy
  • Your Energy Strategy
  • Where to find your data
  • Calculating commission fees
  • How to talk Energy Management with your customers

All is possible in this area, costs are based on development time of the course and a simple day rate for delivery.

Always happy to discuss, please drop an email, call or complete the enquiry form.


EMA Level 3 Compliant Courses


Fully Accredited Energy Manager's Association LEC 3 Training

The courses are intended for candidates who are:

  • Up-skilling their existing energy management knowledge and skills
  • Re-skilling from other professions such as sustainability, environment, facilities and engineering 
  • Interested to become energy managers
  • Newly appointed energy managers

The courses have been developed and are all delivered by an award winning energy manager

Module 1. Two day intensive introduction to Energy Managment

Starting with Company legal and operational structures, where and how to collect your energy data and what to do with that data.

Module 2. Introduction to Technical & Operations

Looking at the day to day equipment used in business and how it works, including heating and cooling systems, production lines etc. finishing with an introduction to your Building Management System (BMS)

Module 3. Energy Measurement, Assessment and Verification

Once you have your energy data how do you use it?  This module looks at Quantifying your data, Examining the data and then working out how to Decrease what you find.  QED 

Module 4. Behavioural Change

"Lets put a sticker on every light switch, that will save money".  Behavioural change is slightly more scientific and this module looks at individual learning styles, company cultures and creating a successful energy awareness campaign

Module 5. Regulatory and Legal Compliance & Carbon Management

Very dry but a must for any major complex business.  As an Energy Manager you need to understand not just Energy & Carbon Legislation but how other legislation can impact on your business.  

What is the minimum working temperature allowable in UK Law?  It directly affects how you setup your company heating and cooling systems.

Module 6. Energy Management, Strategy and Planning

This module now starts to bring together all other the skills and practise gained from the previous modules to look at how your business can determine suitable targets and objectives, develop and action plan and understand how to measure and verify those savings.

A must for every Energy Manager for putting together the Business Case to the Board for investment and resource.  Reducing costs, reducing emissions and creating potential new income from onsite renewable generation.

Module 7. Waste Management

Many Energy Managers are also responsible for waste.  This module looks at waste legislation, the hierarchy of waste and how to increase recycling and decrease waste going to landfill.

Module 8. Energy & Energy Services Procurement

So what is procurement, what is a good practise procurement process and the different stages you need to ensure you get the best deal.  Its not always the cheapest and a good procurement process can find those hidden costs and ensure the process is clear and auditable.  

This module helps delegates to understand procurement and how to manage it.

Module 9. Company Transport Carbon Management

All major Energy & Carbon legislation now includes emissions from company transport.  This includes not only fleet vehicles, but grey fleets, distribution vehicles, air and rail.  As ESOS Phase II recently showed it doesn't take much for your transport emissions to be reportable 

Module 10. Water Management

Very often overlooked because the costs, except in manufacturing where water is integral to a product, are not that high compared to energy.  

Still however an important area where it is possible to reduce costs and improve the environment

Module 11. Carbon Management in Information Technology (IT)

How much carbon can a laptop produce.  Not a lot but when a company has 1,000's of laptops and large server and IT rooms then it mounts up.  How is it measured and how can we reduce costs and carbon within our IT Infrastructure

Training Courses

UK Energy Market Courses

Energy Management Courses

Energy Management Courses


How does the UK Energy Market work, where does Energy come from, how is it sold and how is the bill split?

Ideal for Energy TPI's, Brokers or Company Energy Procurement teams

Energy Management Courses

Energy Management Courses

Energy Management Courses


EMA Level 3 Accredited Courses.

A set of 11 modules (12 days training) covering Energy & Carbon policy, strategy and management.  

Delivered by an award winning Energy Manager

Waste & Water Courses

Energy Management Courses

Energy Manager Apprenticeship


Most Energy Managers also look after water, waste and other utilities.  These courses are designed to help look at legislation, management and reporting on water and waste as well as targeting reductions

Energy Manager Apprenticeship

Energy Manager Apprenticeship

Energy Manager Apprenticeship


The Junior Energy Manager Apprenticeship

Managed and run by Group Horizon Ltd and delivered by REM's Dave Horton.

If you pay into the Levy it should be of interest

Transport Courses

Energy Manager Apprenticeship

Customised Courses


Energy & Carbon Legislation now insists on carbon from Transport.  This course will help identify emissions and work on reduction strategies and reporting

Customised Courses

Energy Manager Apprenticeship

Customised Courses


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