Waste Management


What are your waste streams?

Do you know what is classed as waste within your business and where it comes from?

Do you move waste?

Do you move waste around or store it in a central location?  What licenses do you need to do this legally?

Where do you keep your documentation

For all waste removed you should have Waste Transfer Notes (WTN) or Waste Consignment Notes (WCN).  You need to keep these for audit and legal compliance.  Do you know where they are and how long you need to keep them?

Hazardous Waste

What is classed as hazardous waste and how must you handle and dispose of it?  You would be surprised.

Can you turn your waste into a new product and revenue stream?

Have you seriously looked at your waste streams and asked the question?

  • Coal power stations used to pay to dispose of ash.  Today its sold as an aggregate in cement.
  • Flour millers used to send husks to landfill, its now bagged and sold as animal feed.  

Can ISO 14001 help you ensure compliance

ISO 14001 is an Environmental Management System which provides the structure and processes needed to ensure compliance, ensure safety when dealing with Hazardous Waste and helps identify, target and reduce waste in your business.  Reducing costs and possibly creating new revenue stream.