SECR Compliance


What is Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR)


SECR is, in effect, an extension of Mandatory Greenhouse Gas (MGHG) reporting. 

It is a new, annual reporting requirement for organisations to disclose their energy consumption and carbon emissions relating to their use of electricity, gas and transport. 

Organisations will need to comply with the new energy and carbon reporting framework from April 2019.

SECR Compliance is based on the participants Financial Year and therefore  SECR reporting will not be required until April 2020, at the earliest,   12 months after the April 2019 start date.

As the company report doesn't not need to be submitted to Companies House until 9 months after the FY end this does give companies time.

Who is included in SECR

Organisations that need to participate are:

  • UK Quoted Company (MGHG)
  • UK listed company or UK LLP's with two of the below:
  •       Number of employees > 250
  •       Turnover > £36m
  •       Balance sheet total > £18m

SECR affects most organisations currently covered by ESOS legislation, however SECR will impose annual energy and carbon reporting on a large number of businesses who until now have not had to report.

It is expected around 11,900 companies will report under SECR.

What makes SECR different

Within the SECR reporting there are several requirements which have not been seen or required in other Energy & Carbon reporting.  This includes, but isn't limited too;

  • An Intensity Metric.  What does your business do and how can you report your energy & carbon use in a way that is relevant to you.
  • An Energy Efficiency Narrative.  What have you done, when and how have your done it and what is your policy going forward, again relevant to your specific business.
  • Previous Energy Efficiency Measures.  What you have done in the last 12-18 months towards reducing your energy or carbon footprint.
  • NO Deminimus.  You need to report on 100% of your energy usage and Carbon footprint, unless you use below 40MWh, then you are exempt and just need to note this within your company report.

How can REM Ltd help you?

From simple consultation to look at your requirement to comply to undertaking the whole SECR compliance for you.

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